The Kibo Code Review by Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are releasing The Kibo Code at the end of January 2020. There isn’t too much information available about this e-commerce training program yet. But what I can tell you is that Aidan and Steve are teaching a way to do e-commerce that is different from anything on the internet to date.

The Kibo Code Review

aidan booth the kibo codeThe Kibo Code is one of the easiest business models they have shared with their students up until this point. They have numerous students who are having success with this program and many testimonials to back it up.

They designed this business model to removal all the common obstacles people find when they try to start an ecommerce business. It doesn’t even involve Amazon, you don’t have to worry about having inventory either. There is no need to run Facebook Ads. They are keeping the details of this one to themselves for now but I will update you as soon as I learn more.

The Kibo Code Bonus Offer

the kibo code bonus offerI haven’t decided yet what my bonus offer will be because I’m waiting to learn more details about the product itself.

I don’t want to offer you things that aren’t related to the e-commerce training program. I will do my best to put together an offer that will compliment and accelerate your success with Aidan and Steve’s new training course.

Who Is Aidan Booth

aidan booth parallel profitsAidan a native to New Zealand who grew up on a farm, moved to Argentina to be with his wife in 2003. After struggling to find employment, despite having a degree in Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering but without being able to speak Spanish, he started looking for jobs online.

From a tiny website with it’s main traffic source coming from paid advertising and and minimal income, he has now boomed into a widely known and hugely successful online entrepreneur.

Aidan found his success with affiliate and eCommerce sites which leverage Google traffic and rank at the top of search engines.

Taking advantage of his skills with numbers, he began testing everything on his sites, finding the weak points and identifying what works and doesn’t. He also learned a lot when he lost 1/3 of his sites during the “May Day” Google slap. Aidan got slapped hard.

This resulted in him diversifying much more, working harder on the sites that Google loved, and has taken his eCommerce sites to the next level.

Now, partnered with Steve Clayton, as well as bringing in a lot of money themselves, they teach other internet marketers how to apply their expertise and succeed online on their own.

Aidan Booth Products

aidan booth productsWith Aidan’s lucrative success in eCommerce, it makes sense that his courses which have sold out are about creating Amazon businesses with the exception of Parallel Profits.

100K Factory, 100K Factory Revolution and Ultra Edition, as well as 7 Figure Cycle all show you how to start with little money, find profitable products, and make lots of sales on Amazon.

Online Marketing Classroom Review

Online Marketing Classroom is a system Aidan and Steve use to generate $50,000 every thirty days, with simple high converting money pages that sell other people’s products.

In 2017, they came out with Blackbird Suite, software for anyone selling on Amazon that makes it easier and faster to ramp up your business. Track products, sales, reviews, rankings, and more. Spy on competitors and email customers to get more 5 star reviews. Run tests and keyword research. Manage finances and analyze on page performance.

Aidan and Steve have consistently released one amazing product (more if you’re lucky) a year since 2013 which have helped 1000s make thousands a month and grow giant eCommerce and affiliate businesses, with profits in the 6 and 7 figures.

Who is Steve Clayton?

steve clayton parallel profitsA former CFO of a Fortune 500 company, Steve Clayton is known for his brilliant planning processes. He is a widely successful digital marketer with a diversified portfolio.

He specializes in eCommerce and affiliate websites, has made great investments through buying online properties and increasing the revenue from the sites, has specialized in PPC (pay-per-click), excelled at SEO, and has had continual success with his own click bank products.

In his first 9 months an a digital marketer, Steven earned 7 figures with his first partner Tim Godfrey. He is driven, organized, a planner, and a great teacher and leader in the internet marketing world.

Now he and Aidan are developing a reputation for creating repeat must have programs. With membership only available once a year, these programs are highly sought after with students finding huge success and profits after learning their methods. The much anticipated Parallel Profits, is the up and coming program to join this list, being whispered about online as a must have for entrepreneurs

Parallel Profits Review

Parallel Profits in 2019, a quick review is that it’s about making money online from local businesses. If you are looking for a Parallel Profits bonus offer there will be lots to choose from. Are you ready to dominate the local market with Parallel Profits? Sell your simple services to local businesses and have Steve and Aidan’s brilliant team do the work for you. It’s a real bonus to have the opportunity to partner with millionaires and do what they’re doing.

parallel profits reviewYou will have your own franchise. Instantly have a full team ready to go. No outsourcing, copy writing, developing a site and trying to rank it, or long hours doing tedious work.

Quickly start getting clients and making money, use Aidan’s built-in lead generating system and client capture systems. So you don’t have to waste time having face to face conversations or waste money marketing to local businesses to get clients.

Everything is set up and ready to go so you can make sales right away and quickly scale it up. What more could you want?

Parallel Profits Bonus

parallel profits bonus 2019Like I mentioned about there will be plenty of Parallel Profits bonus offers to choose from. You have to be careful when selecting your bonus because there are a lot of junk offers out there.

Look for one that compliments the product, the best ones out there will be something related to local business marketing.

Aidan Booth Net Income, Blog and Facebook

aidan booth net income facebook blogAidan has been able to grow his net income online, has a successful blog and Facebook page. You can find a GDPR tool and checklist on his website.

He attended a university in Palmerston North where he studied Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering. Unlike Harvard Business school his university didn’t have a Venture Capital & Private Equity Club (HSB VCPE) but that didn’t limit his success.

aidan booth parallel profits summaryThe Kibo Code Summary

This program will give you the opportunity to build your online business around ecommerce in a way that hasn’t been taught yet.

You will gain access to all the necessary resources and will be able to use Aidan and Steve’s team to complete all the work.